VANCOUVER, BC, November 5, 2014 – In the last year, Brisio Innovations (CSE: BZI, OTC: NTCEF)(the “Company”) has made significant advancement within the rapidly evolving mobile technologies industry. The Company has acquired multiple applications representing over 5 million downloads, has entered into an agreement to acquire up to 100% of OakBranch Media, which includes Good-eReader, the largest independent appstore in Canada with over 40,000 curated mobile apps, and has entered into an LOI to acquire BrightNewt, including its source code marketplace, various IOS and Android apps, developer tutorials, and substantial client list. The explosive growth in the mobile application marketplace is being largely fueled by over 350,000 independent developers that are bringing new applications to market on a daily basis, and it is this developer community that creates a unique opportunity for Brisio, which is detailed below.

This target market of independent mobile developers is, for the most part, disorganized and unconsolidated. In order to give them a compelling financial incentive to join forces with us, we’re focusing on a two-pronged approach: helping developers make money and helping consumers find high- quality apps.

The Problem

Most independent developers share a major pain point: they have a very difficult time making money with their apps. Currently 25 companies earn over half of the revenues generated by the App Store—more than $65 million per month. The rest is divided amongst the 350,000 developers who are below the “poverty line.” Each developer makes, on average, only $185 per month.

There really is no app developer middle class, and because these 25 companies buy up most of the ad inventory available, marketing one’s apps has become VERY difficult and expensive.


To address this problem, Brisio is organizing a community of app developers around three of our assets: 1) Canada’s largest independent app store with a curated collection of 40,000 apps; 2) a source code marketplace where developers can purchase affordable app-related products, services, and tools; and 3) a private, by-invitation-only ad network that will give indie app developers a direct path to cash flow. Our goal is to reach a user base of 500,000,000 installs, which will give us tremendous leverage when we are brokering direct deals with large mobile companies, and allow us to guarantee very high eCPMs (cost per metric) to an exclusive group of developers, which will earn us their loyalty. They won’t be able to find a better revenue share anywhere else.

Take Brian, a typical independent app developer, for example. He’s been making apps for three years. He has bootstrapped the design and development costs for every app, and most of his revenues come from the ads served in his apps. He has developed several dozen apps with a total user base in the millions. When the revenues from one ad network begin to taper off, he’s faced with a dilemma: stay with the current ad networks and watch his revenues fall, month after month; or sign up for a new ad network, pay to have the new network’s SDK integrated with all of his apps, and hope that the new network will be more profitable than the last.

Thousands of Brians—the best of the indie developers—would love to integrate one SDK in all their apps, make revenues more consistent, and escape this dilemma. (We know because we’ve talked to them.)

The mobile application giants spend up to $100M on advertising per quarter. Here’s a hypothetical example: Company A spends approximately $100M per quarter on advertising. We pull on some of our relationships, and broker a deal with Company A. They agree to spend $1MM within our network on a per-install basis. We offer our developers a best-in-class revenue share, we send their eCPMs through the roof, and we use the power of that story to create a viral loop and attract even more indie developers.


Brisio Innovations has already assembled a fantastic team. The Company’s newest addition, Austin Church, has developed over 30 mobile applications for iOS and Android in the past several years, and has also created a variety of app-related products for indie developers. His marketing background, wealth of domain expertise, and industry connections will enable us to accelerate the growth of the world’s first indie developer-centric community and ad network.

We look forward to updating shareholders and app developers as we continue our progress towards building the preeminent indie app developers community.

On behalf of the Board,

Paul Andreola
President, CEO and Director
Phone: (604) 644-0072

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